7 Step Vehicle Wrap Design Process

Step 1 - Determine Your needs

The first step in our 7 step design process is to schedule a 30 minute consultation in person or over the phone. We recommend that we meet in person, it will help us get a better understanding of the Vehicle/Car wrap design you want.

During the consultation we will go over several different topics that will help us create your Car/Vehicle wrap design. The first part to the consultation would be for us to figure out what your trying to sell, whether it be a product or just trying to brand your company image. The next part that we will discuss will be the pricing for your Vehicle/Car wrap desired. Once we have agreed on the pricing of your wrap, we will then discuss your wrap itself. We will go over what will be designed on your wrap, which includes colors, logos, website, phone number, and call to actions.

Step 2 - Obtaining the artwork for your vehicle wraps 

Step 2 in the 7 step vehicle wrap design process is for us to obtain the artwork from our clients. This usually includes the logo and art that will appear on your vehicle wrap. Mark Your Space, Inc. can purchase art on behalf of our customers.

Step 3 - Vehicle Wrap Concepts

Mark Your Space, Inc. will draw up of several different custom concepts for our customers to chose from to create the perfect vehicle wrap.

Step 4 - Vehicle Wrap Concept Review

Once we have sent over our custom concepts to the client, Mark Your Space, Inc. will reach out to the customer to discuss and receive feedback over the vehicle wrap concepts drawn up.

Step 5 - Implementing Vehicle Wrap Revisions

The next step in the process is for us to take your vehicle wrap revisions and suggestions and put it all together. During this step Mark Your Space, Inc. will revise the original vehicle wrap concept to meet the exceptions discussed in step 4.

Step 6 - Vehicle Wrap Final Approval

Step 6 of the design process is for us to contact the customer and receive the final approval for the vehicle wrap.

Step 7 - Vehicle Wrap Production

The final step in the process, once everything has been approved and agreed upon, Mark Your Space, Inc. can then get start on designing the concept for your Vehicle wrap.

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