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7th Heaven Band Gets Noticed with Trailer Wraps in Chicago!

7th Heaven Band Gets Noticed with Trailer Wraps in Chicago!

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Would you believe that it has already been almost three decades since 7th Heaven entered the music business? Since that time, they have gotten into the 250-show-a-year routine, looked forward to about 100 outdoor concerts, opened for Bon Jovi and Styx, performed the National Anthem for the Chicago Bulls at their game against the Los Angeles Lakers and earned the Bar Star best band in Chicago designation. Wow!

When it came time to brand their instrument trailer, 7th Heaven contacted Mark Your Space. How did they know that we are fans? We visited the band and looked at the trailer, which is perfectly suited for a wrap. The background of the vinyl is imprinted with an industrial flooring motif. The logo and a guitar are in the foreground, as is the band’s website information. After all, if you want to get in touch with these busy professionals, doing so online really is your best bet. The back of the trailer features the same vibrant graphics as the sides.

Trailer wraps for Chicago bands are a must-have to build name awareness and get fans – and those not yet in the category – to head online and check out the music and the performance videos. If you are a studio musician, dance artist or performer, it is high time for your vehicle, tour bus or instrument trailer to get a makeover. Vehicle wraps for Chicago musicians do not have to be cost prohibitive, which is great news if you are just starting out.

  • Budget-friendly options. A full wrap is the best way of creating brand awareness and using the canvas of your vehicle in the most effective manner. If funds are a bit tight, go for a partial wrap. We still get you hooked up with some eye-popping graphics but the cost is less than what you would pay for a fully wrapped product. If you need a bargain basement price, opt for vinyl lettering and decals. Combine your band’s name with its symbol for easy branding and a cost that is easy on the wallet as well. Remember: you can always upgrade later; but you never have another opportunity to make a first impression on someone. Rather than driving with a blank trailer or vehicle, advertise the name of your band.
  • Durable. Chicago is famous for its cold weather. Vinyl wrapping material is durable enough to last about five years. Unless you routinely park in the full sun and then take a high-pressure washer to the vehicle surface every week, you will have not problems with the wrap. There is no fading, peeling or bubbling.
  • Attractive. In a business that is heavily image-driven, looking great when you pull up to the curb is necessary. Impress those who hire you as well as those who are in a position to do so. Make the fans smile when they recognize you as you drive down the street. A professionally installed automotive or trailer wrap communicates that you are a serious musician who is fun, hip and cutting edge.

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