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Airways Parking Brands with Shuttle Van Wraps in Chicago

Airways Parking Brands with Shuttle Van Wraps in Chicago

Airways Shuttle Looks Great with Van Wraps

Chicago airport shuttle vehicle wraps are a common sight. If you really want to stand out at Midway Airport, you need the type of vinyl wrap that cleverly works with the contours of your vehicle to deliver easy-to-remember information about your business. When Airways Parking was looking to stand out from the competition, the company collaborated with Mark Your Space for the kind of vinyl wrapping product that you just do not see every day.

The business is a major player in airport transportation. Open around the clock, seven days a week, Airways Parking operates an attendant-staffed parking lot. The company’s shuttle bus then takes passengers and their luggage to the airport departure terminal. Arriving passengers only need to contact the office, and dispatchers alert the shuttle drivers to come and pick up the clients. While clients do their final paperwork, courteous employees load the luggage into their vehicles.

Airways Shuttle Looks Great with Van Wraps

Having opted for a van with rear and side doors, we used the lines of the vehicle when fitting the wrap. Using avant-garde techniques, we placed the wrap across the opening surfaces of the van. While a blue sky and white clouds dominate the sign, the company’s logo is clearly visible at the top of the rear doors. Perfectly centered, anyone waiting behind the van will notice the phone number to call and the address to visit. There is also a mention of the company’s online address.

Since the side offers a larger canvas, we have repeated this information there, but we also added the slogan of the company and a little additional marketing information. It is here that we also placed a quick response (QR) code for onlookers to capture with their smartphones. This opens the door to a whole world of new marketing opportunities. It also fosters interaction with passersby who may not be in need of airport parking assistance right at this time but might revisit this vendor later on.

If you are looking to add shuttle van vehicle wraps to your marketing line-up, consider that these are not the designs and materials that were in use even a short five or ten years ago. Modern wraps use highly durable Avery or 3M materials. The coloration and material strength is such that the vinyl will last for about five years without fading or peeling. What else did Airways Parking know that you should be aware of as well?

  • Cost effective advertising. With a 24/7 business, the company’s van are continuously on the road and around the airport. If you own a business that runs trucks and vans – even if not around the clock – you can greatly enhance brand and name recognition by using vehicle wraps or lettering.
  • Go where the customers are. When this business drives around Midway Airport, they are located right where their customers arrive and depart. When you drive a work van to a job site, you are surrounded by current and potential customers. Take your message to neighborhoods, business communities or just the open road.
  • Works with or without a storefront. If you have a storefront with already established signage, the wrap reinforces brand recognition. If you do not have a storefront, you can use a wrapped van or truck as you main advertising tool.

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