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Americlean of Wheaton Brands with Franchise Graphics and Lettering

Americlean of Wheaton Brands with Franchise Graphics and Lettering

Brand Locally with Franchise Vehicle Graphics & Lettering!

Located at 2212 North Main Street in Wheaton, IL, Americlean Dry Cleaning Centers specialize in standard shirt laundering and business attire dry cleaning. To make life easy on members of the business community – as well as on residents – Americlean offers free delivery and pickup services. Its fleet of vans is a common sight on the streets surrounding the Main Street marketplace, Main and Geneva.

When the company’s owners realized just how much time their vans spent driving to customers’ homes and offices, they decided to invest in franchise vehicle graphics and vinyl lettering. DuPage County, IL, is famous for its delivery businesses and savvy managers have discovered that professionally done van graphics have a tremendous effect on a company’s bottom line. When Americlean was ready to add its drycleaner van lettering and graphics for Wheaton, IL, the company contacted Mark Your Space Signs.

We evaluated the look of the vans and created a customized graphics and vinyl lettering that works with the make and model of the automobiles. Toward the back of the vehicle, we placed the company’s name, logo and phone number. Toward the front, we added the cross streets and common areas of operation. A bright red star highlights the free home pickup and delivery service. The website address, too, is displayed. We repeated this information for the back although we omitted the area of operation.

The result is a playful design that hits all the important notes. Whimsical stars are placed in such a manner that they draw the eye to important information. The look is clean, crisp and therefore in keeping with the business’ overall projected appearance. If you are ready to brand your delivery vehicles and increase your company’s exposure, give us a call. The pros of adding franchise graphics and lettering are plentiful.

  • Get Noticed with Vehicle Lettering and Graphics!Lasts for a long time. The vinyl we use lasts for about five years. We rely on high-quality materials from companies such as Avery and 3M to provide the canvas on which we print your information.
  • Looks great. There is no peeling and fading. Modern vinyl is made to withstand the elements and securely cling to the vehicle’s surfaces. Your delivery vans will look great whenever they roll through the streets.
  • Catches the eye. Studies have proven that pedestrians and motorists remember pertinent information about a company when they see it displayed via a vehicle graphics. Quirky graphics, whimsical decorations and – or course – brand and logo specific decorations make a huge difference when it comes to building brand and name awareness among consumers.
  • More effective than other marketing tools. Even if you spend the money to advertise via the local radio station and the local paper, you are going to get disappointed. Papers get recycled and your ads are lost. Radio spots cease and your name is no longer on the tip of anyone’s tongue. The average small business budget usually cannot afford more than a few weeks of these ad campaigns in the first place. With a car blazoned with graphics and lettering, on the other hand, you have your advertising tool ready to go and being exposed every day, 24 hours per day for at least five years. This offers you a return on your advertising investment that you simply cannot get from another marketing tool. 

Contact Mark Your Space to show you how we too can help you build your franchise locally with affordable vehicle graphics and vehicle vinyl lettering!

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