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Big D’s Handyman Service Shines with Vehicle Vinyl Lettering and Graphics

Big D’s Handyman Service Shines with Vehicle Vinyl Lettering and Graphics


Operating out of Illinois’ Polo, entrepreneur Darrel Hepp knows that both branding and marketing are crucial to any business’ success. Although he does not work out of a shop that allows for the setup of on-site signage, he has taking his Chevy van and turned it into a heavy-hitting advertising message for Big D’s Handyman Service.

Teaming up with the graphic artists at Mark Your Space, this home repair service has a concise message he wants to get out. Offering free estimates on all types of home repairs, Big D’s tackles landscaping jobs with the same aplomb that he reserves for electrical work and carpentry. In short, when there is a job to be done, Big D’s is the number to call.

bigd2We chose yellow as the primary color for this light-colored Chicago handyman vehicle.Vinyl lettering and graphics explain about the services that Big D’s offers, provide a way of getting in contact with the entrepreneur and build brand awareness with the help of a cleverly designed hammer logo. This logo also lets the business stand out in online listings.

When you take a closer look at the van, you notice that each surface is used to create an aesthetically well-balanced array of marketing messages. Those who are sitting next to the van in traffic are targeted just like those waiting behind it for a light to change. Of course, it is no secret that vinyl lettering is an excellent means of advertising your business.

Whether you are just starting out, run a small business or are in charge of a company with a large work truck fleet, you cannot go wrong with this cost-effective marketing tool.

  • Durable. When we professionally apply your vinyl lettering, you can expect it to last in excellent condition for about five years. Your van or truck’s message will be attractively displayed in rain or shine, no matter what the elements are like.
  • bigd3Colorful. There was a time when black vinyl was the only way to go. Things have changed dramatically. You can now have your lettering done in any color of the rainbow. Mix and match colors, let them play off a logo decal or ask for specialty colors to be mixed. There is no limitation to the colorful – or monochromatic – nature of your message.
  • Adaptable. Let us treat your small passenger car that serves as transportation for your maid service or bring us your large delivery truck that transports goods between cities. We work with the lines and look of your vehicle to ensure that your message is always displayed to its fullest advantage.
  • Effective. Once the lettering is complete, your marketing message is in place 24/7. Whenever you take your vehicle on the road, your ad goes with you. You take it to your customers and their neighbors, to the roads where would-be customers are seeing your message and to the stores where consumers are reading the information while you are waiting in line at the drive-through.


Start out small with just one vehicle or schedule your entire fleet for a marketing message makeover. Our graphic artists are standing by–just contact us to get a quote!


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