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Bill Discovers Fleet Graphics

Bill Discovers Fleet Graphics

Looking for new ways to upgrade your business? Tired of the same old thing? Fleet graphics are a great way to improve your business growth. Read Bill’s story below to see how he expanded his business with quality fleet graphics.

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Starting Out

Bill, a frustrated business owner, spent a very long time working a lot of long hours. It had been years since starting his business, and his revenue still wasn’t growing. It was time to make a change. Bill started looking for new publicity methods, ways for him to easily and affordable get his name out there. Fleet graphics had always been in the back of his mind, but he’d never had the time to try them. He decided it was time to stop pushing it off and give fleet graphics a chance.

Quality And Familiarity

When Bill started his research, the graphics company he consulted informed him of several important factors to keep in mind:

  • Poor quality graphics can damage your business’s reputation.
  • The higher the graphic’s quality, the more professional your business appears; appearing professional is essential to gaining potential customers’ trust.
  • High quality graphics also last longer and are more resistant to all weather types.

To further your brand recognition, the graphics company recommended having a logo with personality. This will help his business gain familiarity, and thus create growth.

What You Have To Offer

When creating fleet graphics, the graphics company told Bill he needed to make his message bold and clear. With simple lettering, and the right colors, Bill would be capturing everyone’s attention he passed!

To avoid possible message confusion, Bill went with large, loosely-spaced letters for his business name. He added a small list of services, followed by a call to action and his phone number. Bill understood that giving people a way to contact him was important for business growth. He also added his website, which held more information and additional ways to contact him.

Business Growth

With the new fleet graphics ready to shine. Bill started off to his list of jobs. At first, everything remained the same, but after a few months, Bill started receiving more and more calls and inquiries. He gain more clients, and his business just continued to grow. They’d mention seeing his vehicle on the road around town, and after seeing his fleet a few times, decided to give Bill their business.

Thanks to his new fleet graphics, Bill’s brand became recognizable all over town.

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