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How to Brand Your Chicago Realtor Franchise with Vehicle Wraps

How to Brand Your Chicago Realtor Franchise with Vehicle Wraps


There are 3,472 Yellow Pages listings for real estate professionals in Chicago. Realtor franchise vehicle wraps and graphics can help you stand out from the crowd. After all, do you really want to trust a would-be seller’s luck to find you in the listings? Do you want to gamble your income on a potential buyer’s decision to land on your Yellow Pages listing rather than that of your nearest competitor? Plenty of local real estate professionals have therefore begun contacting the graphic artists at Mark Your Space.

The Initial Consultationwoodberry1

We start our consultation with a look at your existing signage. As a franchised real estate agent, the already famous use of typeface, graphics and decals works to your advantage. Those in the market to buy or sell are most likely familiar with the heavy hitters in the business. Showing that you are associated with the business gives you instant credibility.

Our technicians also want to look at your vehicle. Whether you want us to wrap one or a fleet worth of automobiles, each make and model calls for a unique approach. We work with the lines of your car to display the franchise information prominently and give your name and contact information equal billing. This ensures that you are reinforcing brand awareness every time you put the vehicle on the road.

The Sketches

Once we have all of the information, we begin creating sketches. We offer you several options to give you an opportunity to find one that appeals to your aesthetics. All of the design sketches are done with the lines of the vehicle, its size and your message in mind. By the time that you review these sketches, all prints are checked for spelling and content, proper alignment of design elements and complete inclusion of your marketing materials.

The Benefitsirealty1

A print ad reaches today’s consumers. If folks are thinking of putting their homes on the market two days from now, your ad is long gone. In a week, it is a distant memory. In a month, there is probably nobody left who even remembers your print ad. With a vehicle wrap, you get much more for your advertising budget.

  • Far-reaching. One wrapped vehicle has the power of creating up to 70,000 visual impressions per day. Unless you let your vehicle linger in a parking lot, you actively market every time the wheels turn.
  • Less expensive. A nicely done wrap costs a little more than $3,000. It lasts for about five years. You would have to spend the equivalent of about $130,000 to reach the same number of people as you could with your wrapped automobile. The savings are clear.
  • More effective. Real estate signs, print ads and radio spots are effective but do not last long. When your contract is up with the marketing department, your signs are replaced with someone else’s advertising message. A wrapped car continues to market your business non-stop. You reach your audiences at all hours of the day or night. Increase your visibility among your target demographic with little more than a few leisurely drives through neighborhoods that you are targeting. Incidentally, the overwhelming majority of onlookers who see a wrapped vehicle also accurately recall some or all of the graphics they saw. This is not something that you can hope to achieve with a magazine or newspaper ad.


Are you ready to brand your Chicago Realtor franchise with vehicle wraps? Contact us! We can get started today.


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