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Conceal and Carry Sign Compliance for Chicago Businesses

Conceal and Carry Sign Compliance for Chicago Businesses

Need Conceal and Carry Signs for Your Chicago Business?

Mark Your Space has collaborated with the Valuable Resources Co. to provide approved conceal and carry signs for Chicago businesses. Under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66/1, et. seq.), Illinois residents who possess a valid firearms license as defined by the Act may now carry guns on their persons at various venues.

What are the signage laws for Illinois’ conceal and carry laws?

The Illinois State Police (ISP) explains that while there are a number of venues where a concealed weapon is forbidden by law, private property owners who wish to also curtail the presence of guns in areas over which they have control must use approved signage to make their intentions known. Incidentally, property managers or owners of venues where it is already forbidden to bring in weapons must also display proper signage.

No Firearms Allowed Signs for Chicago

Officials have chosen to provide a standardized blueprint for kind of sign that they will accept at all locations.

  • White background.
  • Black handgun in the center of the sign.
  • A red circle with a diagonal slash in front of the handgun.
  • Proposed measurements are 4 inches by 6 inches. Some property owners may choose to display a larger sign if they believe that the unique design elements of the venue call for it.

Where should a business or property owner locate these signs?

When you manage a location or own a property that is specifically not permitted to allow anyone to bring hidden firearms – or you want to curtail the concealed carry privileges on your private property – you must post these signs so that they are clearly visible.

  • Conspicuous posting. The sign must be immediately noticeable for anyone entering the building. Do not allow secondary signage or design elements of your door or entryway to obstruct the view of the sign.
  • Redundant posting. Concealed weapons signage must be posted at building entrances or anywhere that a real property would be entered from the street. If your property has more than one entry, it is crucial that each such entrance has a proper sign.

Going beyond the signage, what should employers do?

Although signage is a good first step, employers must address the new concealed carry legislation via the employee handbook. If is here that the Valuable Resources Co. can help. The drafting of a comprehensive company policy that deals with weapons brought in by employees, business partners and members of the public must be clearly spelled out to prevent dangerous errors in judgment. After all, if you intend to have a gun-free environment, spotting an unknown individual with a weapon may give rise to worries about illicit behavior taking place.

Mark Your Space Has the Signs You Need!How do businesses ensure that they get their signage in place early on?

Contact our experienced graphic artists today to commission the signs that you need. If you want to order signs that are larger based on the size of your property or unique setup, we’ll come out for a site evaluation to discuss the proper sizing of the markers with you. We also offer input about proper placement to remain in compliance with the details of the law.


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