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Directories and Wall Signs for Your Chicago Business

Directories and Wall Signs for Your Chicago Business

Whether you have a sizable lobby that you need to turn into an easy-to-navigate setting or you have a smaller venue that nevertheless could use some wayfinding signage, there are directories and wall signs that can make the job easier.Directory signs in Chicago are a must-do!

Two Types of Wall Signs for Chicago Businesses

Choose these markers to identify office locations, room designations or to alert visitors to the presence of specific staff members. When you move offices, staff or re-purpose rooms, simply have another sign printed that goes into the waiting frame. This eliminates the need to take down and re-hang the signage.

Interoffice signage helps people find their way!

1. Top to bottom curvature. Featuring left and right end caps, these markers present with a sleek and slightly curved body. They are available in different finishes, which makes them suitable in a high-tech setting as well as in setups that are more traditional. A non-glare lens covers the written portion of the wall sign. This makes them useful for visitors during the daytime – when sunlight might be streaming into your lobby – as well as during evening hours when you rely on artificial illumination. Sizes vary. Depending on the sizing of your lobby walls, you may choose larger wall signs for more imposing backdrops.

Directory signs for Chicago Business Owners

2. Left to right curvature. This is a favorite look for office buildings and other venues when markers are likely to be mounted at eye-height of the visitor. Once again, a non-glare lens protects against glare. Due to the design of the markers, the end caps are located at the tops and bottoms. Although there is a wide range of sizes available, choose smaller sizes whenever possible – particularly when you mount these signs at eye-height.

When you have stairwells, elevator banks or even just central points where visitors might congregate due to the lobby or entryway setup, add directories for easy wayfinding. Portrait models feature a heading section and individual segments that are suitable for adding room or function designations as well as arrows. It is always a good idea to opt for too many rather than too few segments. When you choose 12 segments, you can usually add more information as needed or leave areas in between arrows blank for visual aesthetics.

Best building directory signs for Chicago

Do you have many staff members or designed rooms that your visitors might want to know about? Choose modular directories. Since arrows are generally not a functional consideration in this setup, Mark Your Space customers prefer to have us print room numbers for easy wayfinding assistance. With two or three modules right next to one another, it is easy to help visitors find their way without the need for a staffed reception desk.

Remember that the dimensions of available directory frames do not dictate your choice. We gladly adapt the signage to suit your needs and meet your individualized specifications. In this manner, you have the opportunity to visually harmonize the size and setup of the markers to your room size and ceiling height. The latter is a big concern for property managers who are working with very high ceilings. When you invite us to come out for a site evaluation, we can address these – and any other – concerns that you might have. Contact us today for a free quote!


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