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Enter Here! Exit There!

Enter Here! Exit There!

Customize Outdoor Enter & Exit Safety Signs for Your Business

Whether you think about often or not, your number one priority for your business is safety: safety for your employees, your customers, and your community. Enter and exits signs are a critical component for creating overall security. Every business must be in compliance with local fire codes, and enter and exit signs are beneficial in multiple ways.

Some benefits to having proper enter and exit signs include:

  • Keeping your customers and employees safe. Nearly everyone is familiar with the classic “in case of emergency” signs. Whether these signs say “use the stairs”, “exit here” or “safety shelter”, we have all come to recognize these important signs. Enter and exit signs are just one of the many signs that provide safety to your business occupants. They can be internally lit in the event the power is shut off to guide consumers and employees to safety.
  • Lighting the Way. No need to be afraid that someone will shut off thee signs. Enter and exit signs do not rely on battery power, electricity or external power sources for their illumination. They are the most dependable signs for your business.
  • Guiding visitors and first responders. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the entrance or accidently entering through the exit of a business establishment. Enter and exit signs are the perfect way to help customers easily find where they need to go. In the event of emergency, illuminated enter and exit signs help first responders easily navigate an unfamiliar building.

  • Being flexible and cost effective. Simple, yet effective, signage does not have to break the bank. Customize colors, fonts, lighting, and materials to create the perfect sign to fit your budget. Our enter and exit signs are always made from high quality materials and will match the aesthetic feel of your business.


Proper signage in public businesses are vital. More and more businesses are turning to digital signage for all of their way-finding needs. As safety plays a paramount part in any business, make sure to 

consider these signs.

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