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Essential ADA Signs for Offices

Essential ADA Signs for Offices

While ADA signage is often a matter of legal compliance, its value extends beyond behaving in accordance with regulations of the law. Efficient ADA signs give your office an air of accessibility and openness that will appeal to a broad audience.


ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, was passed in 1990 to ensure the equal access to all Americans. The Americans with Disabilities Act is more commonly related to installations such as elevators and wheelchair ramps in new buildings, yet its effect and scope extend a lot further.


ADA Signs have to have braille


ADA signs should ensure ease of communication with people who have an array of potential disabilities. For instance, signs often have braille so that they’re understandable to visually impaired or blind people.


There are some elements to remember when installing ADA signage at your organization or business.



ADA signs should have non-glare characters

One important element of ADA signs is that they need non-glare characters and backgrounds, which makes them much easier for the elderly and visually impaired to read. Typefaces must be simple to read, and the language must be easily understandable.


Thoughtful, well-designed ADA signs also benefit folks who have hearing impairments, individuals with issues speaking, or those with cognitive disabilities who might rely on signs as an alternative to asking a stranger for help.




Often, ADA signage features one or more accessibility symbols, including the internationally recognized wheelchair symbol and symbols that indicate assistive systems for people with hearing impairments.


ADA signage is most practical when located right next to the door of a room they apply to. To be easy for those who have visual impairments to find, they ought to have both tactile and visual elements.


Often, ADA signs are required legally to comply with federal law. The majority of organizations and businesses, however, opt to use ADA-compliant signage anyway, to ensure that they’re offering equally simple accessibility to all their visitors and potential visitors.


Whatever your reason for opting to install ADA signs, we can handle all equal access requirements and see that they do not detract from the aesthetic of your location.


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