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Get Ready for Your Chicago Spring Expo with Trade Show Graphics and Displays

Get Ready for Your Chicago Spring Expo with Trade Show Graphics and Displays

Trade Show displays

Spring is just around the corner. With exhibit season heating up, now is the time to get your banner stands, custom imprinted table throws and popup displays. At Mark Your Space, we frequently get inquiries about the right types of graphics and displays to choose. Here are the most common questions and their answers.

Q: Do I need to change the setup of my trade show displays?

A: If you are a frequent participant at almost any Chicago trade show, graphics should be changed out periodically to keep your setup fresh. Choose retractable, telescopic or spring back banner stands to hold your graphics. Retractable stands have the advantage of providing you with an easy-to-carry storage solution for your new banners. Since setup is a snap, these are ideal displays when you are doing a show appearance by yourself and cannot rely on assistance.

We offer many varieties of retractable banner stands!

Q: How can I help with branding?

A: Building brand awareness is a crucial aspect of exhibits. Even attendees who may not necessarily come to your booth still see and retain information about your company name and logo – if you do it right. Customized table throws are a good option. We can keep the throws in the colors of your logo and imprint them with your business information. Since colors are just as vital when it comes to branding as the actual shape and look of your logo, we work diligently to incorporate your chosen colors whenever possible – not just with throws.

Q: I need to breathe new life into my display. What should I do?

A: Consider the use of The Exhibitor’s Handbook’s planetary line of products. These are booth kits that include adjustable tabletops and low voltage spotlights. Available in different sizes and configurations, these are just the thing when you are exhibiting your business in a smaller space. A 10-foot-by-10-foot display looks sleek and professional but does not take up more space than organizers allot you. There is no worry about mixing and matching components. Rather, the whole system sets up quickly and easily. Again, if you are working alone, this is a good choice.

Q: I already have a number of module pieces, but I just cannot seem to get them set up the way I like.

A: Talk to our experienced graphic artists. What you might be lacking is a module that ties your display together. Maybe you just need backdrops in complementary – or clashing – colors to create the look that you are hoping to achieve. Our technicians can set up your modules and move them around a bit to show you how easy it is to change your overall presentation at the next spring show. We find that frequently our customers already have the majority of the modules that they need, they just need a bit of help with creating a fresh display with these pieces.

Q: I am just starting out. Can you help?Stand out with custom printed table throws!

A: We are experts at creating Chicago trade show displays. Whether you need banner stands, fabric light boxes, pop up displays for the tabletop or are thinking big along the lines of Vector frame display kits, we can help you get started the right way. Contact us today for a free quote!


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