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Image Clear Ultrasound in Elgin Advertises with RV Wraps

Image Clear Ultrasound in Elgin Advertises with RV Wraps

RV Wraps Great for Mobile Services!

Have you considered RV wraps? Elgin, IL, is home to a business that provides a vital service – out of a recreationalvehicle. Image Clear Ultrasound operates a fully staffed mobile ultrasound unit that offers free pregnancy tests, gratis ultrasounds and provides pregnancy counseling for mothers who need help thinking through their options. While a visit to this service provider is not the same as making a prenatal appointment with a registered physician, this company is frequently a crucial first step for women in need of assistance, referrals or simply an answer to whether or not they are pregnant.

Brand Even When Parked!

To ensure that their clients could easily identify them at their target locations, contacted Mark Your Space and simply asked,“Can you put wraps on an RV?” We could, and we did! After visiting with the company, we measured the recreational vehicle and added an attractive color scheme to the sides. We ensured that the service provider’s name is displayed in large letters on the side of the RV, which helps patients find the vehicle when they visit the location where the service provider sets up.

If you have been thinking of adding a recreational vehicle to your lineup of wrapped cars or trucks, you are obviously in good company.

  • Larger size means a larger canvas. If you are in the business of offering chiropractic care, providing phlebotomy services or are in another field that could take its services on the road to meet with a targeted demographic, the convenience of the RV provides the space while the sizable exterior is perfect for branding. It is next to impossible to ignore the large RV that pulls into a parking lot. When it bears your logo and company name.
  • Add a new component to your service. Many retailers already know that having a mobile unit is a great idea. For example, tire retailers frequently make appearances at car races and even enthusiast meets to show off new lines of tires or just to meet and great potential customers. Even if you have a smaller RV – you can make do with a Class C if you do not want to spend the money on a Class A vehicle – or a travel trailer, we can add a full wrap, a partial wrap or even just vinyl lettering.
  • Interact with your target demographic. Driving a wrapped vehicle ensures that your business information is being seen. Parking a wrapped RV and interacting with your target demographic is a golden opportunity that you simply cannot afford to pass up. Even if it is just a 10-minute span to hand out business cards, pamphlets, calendars or other branded information, seeing the large recreational vehicle in the neighborhood is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees you.

Get Noticed with RV Wraps! 

When you are ready to add a recreational vehicle or travel trailer to your mobile advertisement, contact us for a free quote! Our friendly experts will gladly take the measurements of the RV or trailer and then work up some sketches that show how you can use the added advertising space to its fullest potential.


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