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Interior Signs For Business Brand Success

Interior Signs For Business Brand Success

Signage says a lot about your business. The quality and finish send messages to your clients that go beyond just words alone. Let’s find out how.

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MWC Accounting

When you think about accounting, what comes to mind? Numbers, precision, and – most importantly – trust are key factors. Can all of this be transmitted in just a logo? When a person searches the web looking for an accountant in Chicago, they might come across MWC Accounting’s webpage which looks like this:
MWC Dimensional lettering

Logo Characteristics

The MWC logo is no-nonsense, just as you would expect from a trusted accounting firm. Plus the bold lettering leaves no doubt about the capability of the accountants that work there. Lots of white space makes the message easier to digest and suggests classy simplicity.


Real World Visit


A client that found out about MWC on the web then comes to the office for a visit. Here the firm’s logo takes on three dimensions with clean lines and lettering to make a statement. Precision and seriousness are still the focus points, however, the logo retains an inviting feel as well.
Interior SIgn

Raised lettering is especially effective in making interior signs and logos stand out in people’s mind.

Dimensional lettering

Subconscious Process


The entire process described above is largely subconscious. Or is it? When you visit a store or business, if the signage looks outdated or shoddy, what comes to mind? You might actually think, “Look at that poor sign. I wonder if their service is just as bad.”


Good Vibes


On the other hand, when you are greeted with a smile, clean lobby, and impeccable signage, you feel safe. And trust creates business conversions and conversions into repeat customers.


So transmit your message and your business personality with a well-designed logo. Then make it into signage that becomes a true sales ambassador.


Get great interior signs in Elgin, Illinois contact us or give us a call at (630) 289-7082. Serving the entire Chicago area.


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