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Kehoe Automotive Center Brands with Counter Wraps and Graphics

Kehoe Automotive Center Brands with Counter Wraps and Graphics


Is your business a great candidate for greeting counter vinyl wraps? The Kehoe Automotive Center located at 205 Kehoe Boulevard in Carol Stream, IL has tried it! This no-nonsense automotive repair shop tackles anything from brakes to engine swaps. When you visit the lobby, you notice the assortment of spare parts, batteries and other must-have items that make any motorist’s life easier. Grab a quick cup of coffee, take a seat while your car is being serviced or read through some of the informational pamphlets that Kehoe keeps on its counter.


This counter caused the business’ owner a bit of consternation. It was functional but did not really suit the company’s overall look. Painted in red, it actually stood out and offered little in the way of branding. After inviting the friendly graphic artists from Mark Your Space to come out and evaluate the counter, we suggested applying a vinyl wrap that underscores the nature of the business and makes the lobby much more welcoming. We chose a white backdrop that displays Kehoe Automotive’s name and logo in blue. Red print identifies the type of work the mechanics most commonly undertake. To the side of the counter, we highlighted accepted methods of payment by placing full-color logos.

The resulting look fits perfectly into the lobby. It helps with business name and brand awareness while it also advertises the kinds of mechanical work the customer might consider having done at a future time. If your work counter is doing very little to support branding or product marketing, why not dress it up and put it to work?

  • Durable. Heavy-duty vinyl lasts for a long time. It can withstand the occasional bump and scrape.
  • Easy to clean. It takes only a bit of soap and water to wipe down the vinyl covering and have it looking like new. There is no need to paint and scrub.
  • Superior advertising space. When your walls are already covered with posters and signs, auto service center counter wraps and graphics provide additional methods of highlighting needed services.
  • Benefits customers. How often has a customer wondered what kinds of payment options there are? If you are busy serving another customer, this individual might get frustrated and just leave rather than wait patiently to ask the question. Now, you have the opportunity to answer your customers’ most frequently mentioned questions with little more than a few decals or some lettering on the vinyl-covered counter.



Counters are excellent advertising opportunities that easily reach your target demographic. In-store marketing is a highly effective method for up-selling goods and services, which in turn ensures that your clients or customers get the best comprehensive package of products to meet their needs. Inform, advertise and beautify your lobby in one move.

If you are not certain what type of counter wrap would suit your business’ needs, contact us. We’ll gladly come out for an evaluation and offer you some ideas that are customized for your unique company and lobby setup. If you really want to go for the gusto, you might even add some wall graphics or decals into the mix!


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