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Know Your Way Around an Airport!

Know Your Way Around an Airport!

Wayfinding Signage for Airports
Interior and Exterior Options

The majority of people have trouble navigating airport signs. Whether you’re looking for the parking lot or going through security, it’s easy to get lost. Intuitive directional and wayfinding signs offer travelers a better understanding of an airport and their journey with a chance to improve upon passenger experience. A wayfinding sign package can include signs for parking garage signs, entrance monument signs, and terminal wayfinding signs as well.

Airport Sign Problems

Wayfinding signs are especially important for the success of the airport. When the signage in and around an airport is confusing, misleading, or lacking information, it can lead to customer frustration, missed flights, and ruined vacations. Common issues include:

  • Parking – Most airports, especially those located in urban areas, allow a very small window of opportunity to change lanes and make decisions. Efficient and well placed signs provide customers helpful details long before they’re in the primary circulation corridor and have to maneuver. Is long-term parking available? Can they wait for passenger pick-up at curbside? Where can someone return a rental vehicle? Adequate signage will answer all of these questions at a glance.
  • Shared concourses – Often, airlines share the concourses of other airlines, yet the signs may only reflect details associated with the routine carrier. Passengers who have not permitted themselves enough time may miss their flight if they cannot locate the proper gate.
  • Transit between terminals – The procedure of arriving in one terminal and rapidly getting to another terminal to catch the connecting flight may be particularly frustrating in larger airports. Are there additional ways to move from one terminal to another rapidly? If so, signs should make it clear to save travelers time and effort and avoid frustration.
  • Canceled flights – If one is unfortunate enough to suffer a flight cancellation or the chaos which may take place as an airport terminal closes down, efficient wayfinding signage can make a big difference. Digital signs are a great method of quickly communicating information to a large number of confused travelers. Not only are they highly visible but they may also be updated in real time.

Efficient airport signs and wayfinding may keep travelers’ levels of stress to a minimum. We are dedicated to precision, quality, and good customer service. And we are prepared to help you design and implement the customized signs your airport needs.

Are you interested in learning more about way-finding signs or airport signs? Would you like a free consultation? Call today and let us get you one step closer to sign success!


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