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Make a First Impression Last!

Make a First Impression Last!

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Enhance Your Business with Custom Lobby Signs

Lobby signage does more than just add decoration and look nice; it contributes to the overall brand message and provides a lasting impact on customers. Here at Mark Your Space, we have seen how the effect of interior signs can enhance and chance the experience of a lobby. Lobby signs work hard for your company, leaving customers with a lasting impression of your brand. They are both aesthetically pleasing and practical in application, and are more cost-effective than you might think.

Types of Lobby Signs Include:
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Flat Cut Metal
  • Fabricated Metal
  • Halo-Lit (or Reverse-Lit)
  • Front Lit
  • Laminate-Faced
  • Printed Vinyl
  • And More!
How to Make a Lasting First Impression

Imagine you are walking into a store for the first time. You have never been inside before, but you decide to venture inside and see what they have to offer. As you go inside, you see a beautiful golden-bronze brushed aluminum faced sign that peaks your attention. It tells you the name of store, and subconsciously tells you where to go for help.

The majority of consumers unconsciously searches for and refers to signs that confirm where you are and where you go for help. The branding of a sign should make it clear what kind of business it is. A good lobby sign should invite customers in, create an expectation of the quality of products, and reaffirm your business’s brand.

Reiterate Your Design and Message

Lobby Signage helps a business park or shopping center look cohesive. It will look less like a loose collection of random businesses and more like a dedicated area to serve customers.

Store branding informs customers that the business’s owner is invested in the customer experience and promotes a professional business attitude. In addition, interior signs reinforce your brand’s message as a whole, shaping how customers see you and perceive your products and services. Without lobby signs reminding visitors where they are, are they going to remember you later? When they tell their friends about your store, will they remember your business’s name? Keep your business, your brand, and your products in your customer’s mind the entire time they are in your office or storefront with noticeable, well-placed lobby signs.

Strategically placed signage sends all of the proper messages to customers. They inform, educate, and reinforce. Are you interested in learning more about lobby signs? Call us today to schedule a free consultation!


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