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Marijuana Sign Laws

Marijuana Sign Laws

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Currently, the state of Illinois does not have any additional rules for exterior signs for marijuana retail dispensaries. This does not mean rules will not be devised in the future. Current lighted signs and non lighted signs must conform to the rules established in the municipality the store resides.

Some ideas to take into account when reviewing laws from other states that have had longer to ponder the legal marijuana question are:

  • Signage should not target minors – a best practice would be to stay away from using cartoon like characters in your logo and signage
  • Signage should not refer to safety – health benefits and mental health benefits may exist from the use of marijuana, but staying away from this on your signage would be a best practice. The state of Illinois oversees licensing and will not directly endorse these claims. Therefore it’s a best practice to stay away from advertising these claims on your signage.
  • Targeting out of state persons – since it is illegal to carry marijuana into some or all of the neighboring states we do not recommend targeting this clientele through your signage.
    One unknown variable will the use of a plant/leaf in the logos allowed for marijuana dispensaries. In the state of Washington these are prohibited, but not in Colorado.
Some other items to consider from other state laws:

Advertising in general will probably be prohibited. Especially since much of this advertising may be viewed by minors. In states like Colorado car wraps, billboards, and even radio advertising are prohibited.

These prohibitions only help emphasize how important exterior signage and decorating will be for a retail marijuana dispensary in Illinois. We recommend maximizing your signage through the use of illuminated channel letters, box signs, monument signs and pole signs. If possible utilize architectural feature and coloring to draw attention to your retail location.

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