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Exterior Signs

Create a Lasting Brand Impression for Actively Market Your Brand

With Unique Exterior Signage

Your exterior sign is the first brand impression you make with your customers. Exterior signage is completely customizable to your business’s needs. From wall-mounted to free-standing, building markers to multi-tenant: they can be fabricated to be internally lit or non-lit. Even awnings can be used to advertise your business and drive customers to your location. Exterior signs can be internally illuminated or non-lit, illuminated by external sources. Free-standing signs, also called monument signs, can be designed to look like real brick, stone, or stucco. The options are endless to ensure your exterior sign leaves a lasting impression.

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Why choose Mark Your Space

Village communication

We call and speak with the village on your behalf to gather your signage allowances.

Design services

We work with you to design your sign to fit your business’s needs.

Sign permit application

Once we have your approval, we work with the village to apply for your sign permit and receive approval.

Sign Installation

Once we have the sign permit, we fabricate and install your exterior sign.

Channel Letters & Cloud Signs

These signs are one the most popular options for your exterior. They can be internally illuminated or not. Illumination options include front lit, reverse lit (a.k.a. halo-lit or back-lit), side lit, and a combination of two. Channel letters and cloud signs can be flush mounted, raceway mounted, or pan mounted. Depending on your needs, your sign face can be created using pigmented translucent vinyl, white acrylic, or completely customized with a translucent printed face. Considering the color for the sides of your sign is another way to make your sign even more unique.


Awnings are a great way to advertise your business while protecting your entrance for employees and clients. If you have a large office space or warehouse, awnings can be used to label various doors, such as “Shipping and Receiving” or “Employee Entrance”. New awning structures can be designed specifically for your location, or, if you are looking to refresh or change your awning, new skins can be designed to your awning structure and installed.

Awning material is high-quality, UV and fade resistant. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. Your branding can be installed on the face, signs, and valence of the awning to continue to reaffirm your messaging.

Free Standing Monument Signs

Free standing monument signs are so completely unique and customizable. From faux brick and stone foam-core bases to sleek and modern brushed aluminum faced signs, these signs can be nearly anything you can imagine. They can be made in any combination of materials, to any specification required by landlords, villages, or simply personal preference.

Post & Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are incredibly diverse. These signs are most commonly used as directional signs, although they also can be used as monument signs, real estate signs, and temporary signs. As permanent structures, these signs can be illuminated. Commonly used sign face materials include aluminum and HDU. HDU is a high-density urethane plastic that can be sandblasted to have various textures including peddled and woodgrain.

Electronic Message Center

Electronic message centers, also called an EMC, come in two foot wide by 1 foot high sections. They can be installed single-sided or double-sided, to a building surface or on a free standing monument sign. EMCs are a great way to share specials, events, and messaging with your potential customers as they pass by.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Multi-tenant monument signs are commonly used in shopping centers and strip malls. If you are in need of a brand new sign, these sign options, just like single-tenant monument signs, can be completely customized. If you are taking over a tenant’s space and need to replace a sign panel, new sign faces can be designed to match the specifications and installed.

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