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Shoeless Joes Ale House Brands with Restaurant Vehicle Wraps!

Shoeless Joes Ale House Brands with Restaurant Vehicle Wraps!

Use Vehicle Wraps to Advertise Your Chicago Restaurant

Shoeless Joes Ale House & Grille is a famous destination on 10290 West Higgins Road in Illinois’ Rosemont. There you can follow the Blackhawks’ exploits, sing karaoke, have a beer and enjoy a great menu of grill favorites. Pool tables invite players while ample television screens carry all the sports action. In short, this is a great sports bar hangout that has built a loyal following. However, there are still a few souls who do not yet know that Shoeless Joes also caters parties and delivers its delicious foods.

This is why the ale house’s owners contacted Mark Your Space. Seeing so many other restaurant van wraps Rosemont, IL, eateries, pubs and bars have chosen to build brand awareness, Shoeless Joes figured it was time to join the group of businesses in the know. We came out and looked at the delivery van. The Ford Transit is the classic business workhorse that is perfect for transporting oversized trays, kegs and other party supplies to locations across town. Since the grille’s party organizers pride themselves on putting together home or office shindigs to suit any budget, space and speed are off the essence.

We created Ford Transit Connect restaurant vehicle wraps that underscore the nature of the business and therefore help with branding. From the back, you see blue and white stripes, Shoeless Joes’ logo and slogan, location information, a phone number and – of course – the website address. From the side, you see the same information. The use of sports decals greatly increases the likelihood that this wrapped van will stand out and be quite memorable for pedestrians and other motorists.

If you are thinking of adding one or more wraps for your delivery vehicles, you are in good company. Our customers are so satisfied with their newly decorated vans and trucks that we usually hear the same comments time and again.

  • Vehicle Wraps Advertise From all Sides!Praise for durability. Did you know that a wrap lasts about five years? The materials we use protect against fading and peeling.
  • Praise for colorful displays. Since you can choose all the colors of the rainbow, we can dress up even a boring white delivery van. Why drive in something bland when you can drive in an eye-popping automobile that turns heads whenever you roll down the street?
  • Praise for branding. Imagine seeing your logo, business name, slogan and basic contact information displayed whenever your highly noticeable van drives down the street. Before long, anyone seeing the van is sure to associate the name of your business with the offered service, be it catering, delivery or anything else.
  • Praise for savings. Although it is true that this remarkable marketing tool costs money, it is still cheaper than continuously investing in print ads or radio spots. By the way, remember that when these spots are done, you are also losing out on the benefit of the ad. With the wrapped van, you are advertising whenever you put the automobile on the road.

Contact us! We’ll gladly come out to do a site evaluation of your van and give you some ideas for possible vinyl wraps.


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